2018 Event Calendar

Jul 19

CCC x Chopard

Jul 20

Femme Fatale Friday

Jul 21

Off-Roading at Monticello Motor Club

Jul 22

German Grand Prix Viewing

Jul 24


Jul 25

CCC Rally Scotland

Jul 26

CCC x Hiro Clark

Jul 29

Hungarian Grand Prix Viewing

Jul 30

Comedy Night

Aug 7

Orvis Autogasm

Aug 26

Belgian Grand Prix Viewing

Sep 2

Italian Grand Prix Viewing

Sep 16

Singapore Grand Prix Viewing

Sep 18

Orvis Autogasm

Sep 29

Nürburgring & Spa

Sep 30

Russian Grand Prix Viewing

Oct 7

Japanese Grand Prix Viewing

Oct 18

Formula 1 US Grand Prix

Oct 21

US Grand Prix Viewing

Oct 28

Mexican Grand Prix Viewing

Nov 2

Rally School at Team O’Neil

Nov 8

CCC Conquers Cuba

Nov 11

Brazilian Grand Prix Viewing

Nov 25

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Viewing

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