Keys, Please.

Membership at Classic Car Club comes in three forms–Clubhouse, Driver and Corporate. Each one is racy.


The fastest way to go fast. Clubhouse membership includes full access to all of the member facilities at Pier76 as well as the Club’s entire calendar of events, both here and abroad, on-track and off. Come race on circuit, rally through France, entertain friends at the club’s restaurant or draft for speed on our cycling team.


Includes all Clubhouse membership perks, as well as individual access to our fleet. Make our clubhouse your official hangout. Transform our stable of jaw-dropping cars into your private arsenal of awesome. Fire a Ferrari to the Hamptons, explore upstate in a Defender or pilot a McLaren 720s to some of our favorite sweeping backroads. Pick your weapon for the weekend and adventure on.


The antidote to another humdrum client dinner. Want to show a VIP you’re grateful?  Then skip the same-old and pass them the keys to a supercar. They’ll thank you.  Corporate memberships at Classic Car Club can be customized to allow multiple members under one account, as well as grant partners, colleagues, clients, or whomever you deem worthy some unforgettable seat time. The  CCC team will also produce one-off group events for Corporate members, be it a private rally to a secret sporting clays facility, an all-night automotive scavenger hunt or a superb, private affair on the club’s terrace.   

Member Dues

Clubhouse membership is priced at $200 per month. Driving memberships are the same, plus a points package to use towards individual bookings. Corporate memberships are bespoke.

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We Travel The World. We Race. We Wrench. We Drive. We Rock. We Roll. We Do It Together.

Men in Lycra with Bicycles

The company you’ll keep is the stuff legends are made of.

Worldwide too. Bisect the Alps in an achingly beautiful classic car, forego the stationary bike and sweat with our cycling team, sample the culinary creations of artisans and find your race pace, and do it with the most interesting people you’ve ever come across.
Porsche GT3

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