Classic Car Club Kitchen.

CCC doesn’t just combust high-octane, we turn out the best wood-fred pizza in New York at 800 degrees. Pair a pizza with one of our legendary steaks Orr other offerings prepared by Chef Jesse and our culinary crew.

For modern times, CCC has designed an outdoor kitchen and it’s fully furnished, heated outdoor terrace is ready for dining guests, as is our 8,000 covered stable with radiant heat floors stable doors on both sides, 30-foot ceilings and state-of-the-art air filtration system makes for the perfect winter outdoor dining experience.


Our menu consists of mind blowing wood fired pizzas and incredibly grilled cuts and vegetables. CCC partners with organic, family-owned farms from there region. No conglomerates, no Monsanto. Just great food.


Fall 2020
Afternoon — Evening

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