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Apr 9, 2018

Gridding Up With: Zhihong Zhuang

Zhihong, or Z amongst fellow CCC members, emanates success that may seem effortless thanks to his calm demeanor, but once you are close, his steadfast ethic for relentless and efficient hard work becomes clear. Speaking four languages and holding degrees in both finance and mathematics, Z flawlessly straddles the worlds of finance and entrepreneurism. He is a managing partner of Chronicle Capital Management and is the founder of his newest venture, Break & Co, which is a sorely needed innovation in one of the most overlooked aspects of every single persons’ day. A service that delivers chef prepared, delicious and truly fresh, unique breakfast options right to you every morning before work. As Z says, “just because life in New York moves fast, doesn’t mean you have to settle.” We sat with Zhihong and talked shop about his passion for motorcycles, punching out a fitness regimen that would make a Spartan weep, or logging miles with the Classic Car Club Cycling Team.

I found the inspiration to be an entrepreneur….In the desire to be creative in business, to make sure to think not just outside the box but all around it. Success in any business comes down to concept and execution. I feel that to be an entrepreneur is the ultimate expression of that challenge.

At Break — . Our kitchen can prepare thousands of breakfasts every day. Professional kitchens are intense places to work. I’ve learned that making food at this scale…means heavy focus on execution and flawless transitions. Many small pieces all moving together allow the kitchen to operate like a fine-tuned car.

Speaking of cars, for me, a car represent….that rare balance between sculpture and functionality. Engineered art that can push you to your physical and mental limits.

My first car….was a Porsche Cayman. It embodies quality and fine craftsmanship. It is engineered art.

The thing about riding a Ducati sport bike is….the immediacy between your brain and the bike. You have to become able to let those two connect and become hardwired, because of the way things happen faster than you can consciously think about and react to sometimes. To me, being a good rider means you have a connection and an instinct that are so intertwined that they can deploy the best actions instantly.

This winter, I trained indoors with the CCC Cycling Team. As a sport, cycling is mostly….circles of ups and downs. Climbing hills is very difficult but it is also the process of accumulating speed and power. When suffering, I learn to suck it up and be patient because I know it will get easy as soon as we are moving downhill. Cycling is in a way similar to my passion for cars and sport bikes as well. Four wheels and a highly tuned motor, two wheels and a highly tuned motor, or in cycling, two wheels and myself as the highly tuned motor.

Training and life are like that as well. It is all about not being too hyper at the highs and not too frustrated at the downs.