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Jul 2, 2018

GRIDD’IN UP WITH Brendan Fallis

Brendan Fallis is an international DJ, content creator, traveler and general man of the world. He and his wife, Hannah, also a DJ, fitness entrepreneur and fashion ambassador, travel the globe from pole to pole, taking in new cultures and then sharing their discoveries with the rest of us.

Performing in front of thousands of people can sometimes…….be nerve-racking, but nervousness can be easily turned into energy if you focus on it being an overload of adrenaline and re-purpose it mindfully.

There are a lot of DJs out there. The great ones…..are not necessarily the most well-known. As in any business, there’s many ways to succeed and not always the most well-known are the most talented. Some DJs might technically be more talented than others, but some may be much better at marketing than others.

For me, cars are…….a beautiful escape. I hail from a very small town, so being able to drive was always, and still is, a way to explore and seek new adventures.

But Hannah says……….cars are great because I know they make you happy B! (slight bit of sarcasm built into that response….)

Recently, I drove the ’63 Corvette Stingray. It…….really changed my perspective on American-made Muscle. I haven’t had the chance to drive a lot of American made cars in my life. Started out with and 88’ Audi Quattro and that led me on a pretty long European made path. So driving the Stingray was eye-opening for many reasons. Will 1000% be taking that car out again. Favorite of the lot so far buy far.

Traveling the world has taught me………not to sweat the small stuff in life. Most everything that seems to be annoying to you in your daily life, or little arguments you get in etc. really are nothing at all to really be concerned with. If you think about the reality for most people in this world when those problems/annoyances arise, you’re able to quickly diffuse them with that mindset.

The key to living an exciting life is to…………never take anything for granted, ever.

The most important part of creating a road trip playlist is……understanding your audience and upcoming surroundings. If it’s just you in the car, that’s one thing, but if not you need to take the other’s into consideration. It’s tight quarters in there, so best to make sure the energy is spread out accordingly. Here’s my playlist to go along with the 63 Stingray.