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Mar 26, 2024

Grant and his LR4

Members clubs are only worth joining if the members are worth knowing and Classic Car Club of Manhattan has some of the most interesting members. Take Grant for example…. Grant Hailey is one of those rare characters that can be two things at once. He’s a disarmingly charismatic Englishman, dressed in all black, with a penchant for telling stories that will remind you of your favorite uncle. And yet 10 seconds into said story and he says “mother f*$ker” with an eloquent brashness that only a rebel English mod can. He is our Terrence Stamp. Our Bricktop. Grant doesn’t admit to being a part of any syndicate, but he is still exactly the kind of friend that you want. Here’s why. We’re all tempted to do things we’ve dreamed of in life, but most of us will invent a laundry list of reasons why it’s not possible. A simple “hey, you should come racing with us” casually thrown at the end of a conversation with Michael Prichinello resulted in Grant famously saying “f*$k it,” and leathering up. That was three years ago. Grant is just unencumbered by the unknown – more interested in jumping into a situation than standing on the sideline speculating. So when his beloved LR4 and a bear were both going for the apex during a late night drive home from CCC and insurance wanted to write the car off, he once again said “f*@k it, I’ll get the quotes and get it repaired myself.” And so he did, saving one of the most magnificent, modern Land Rover’s ever made. Having learned his lesson about going side-by-side with mother nature into turn one the hard way, he added a bit of armor and more lights. While the truck was in the shop, Grant figured he’d also throw on a custom exhaust with an x-pipe resonator. Because V8. And that’s why CCC is better as a club for having Grant as one of its members. Vehicle Featured: Land Rover LR4