Oct 10, 2019

CCC Escapes: Roscoe

Weekends have a way of sneaking up. All too often accompanied by the words, “We wanted to go away, but we didn’t plan anything.”


But not this time.

We’ve got a stellar weekender plan right here for you. Get it!

An epic autumnal cruise through Lake Tiorati and on to the highly underrated Roscoe, NY.
Click here for your driving road map

ADVENTURE: Known locally as “Trout Town USA,” Roscoe has, you guessed it, a great deal of trout fishing. A lady or gent can make their own way or hire a guide to lead the charge. Additional attractions include a locomotive museum, the fantastically spooky Craig E-Clair castle and an oddball alpaca farm.

IMBIBE: The best part about a day of fishing is throwing a few back after though. Easy enough here with the Roscoe Beer Co., the Catskill Brewery and the Prohibition Distillery all a stone throw’s away. For chowing down head to the Riverside Cafe or picturesque Spiro’s, where you’ll dine on the back porch overlooking their apple orchard.

UNWIND: And for a good night’s sleep you can’t go wrong with the sprawling Tennanah Golf and Tennis Club or the rustic Pepacton Cabins.

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