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Aug 9, 2021

Brandon Paasch Flys The CCC Flag at Thruxton

Four rounds into the Quattro Group British Supersport Championship, the series took 20
year old Brandon Paasch and the Dynavolt Triumph team to Thruxton race circuit in
Southern England. Surrounding an airfield, Thruxton has a reputation for being a particularly
quick track with plenty of fast turns and just a few tight corners. ‘Thruxton is probably the
fastest track in England’ explains Paasch as we chat in the back of the team truck. There’s
that many corners where you’re just full throttle and the bike’s sliding around at 125mph.  It’s
a crazy experience. Typically, I quite enjoy these kind of tracks. It’s so fast around here and
the bikes all over the place, spinning and moving around underneath you.

Despite Brandon’s success at the Daytona 200, earlier in the year, he admits he’s had a
tough introduction to the British supersport season, ‘I’m not very excited about how I’ve been
doing so far,  I think we’re just inside the top 10 in the championship, I’ve just been
struggling for results’.

Saturday’s sprint race at Thruxton proved especially challenging for Paasch. After suffering
from some technical issues with the quickshifter, ‘it was causing the bike to cut in and out at
certain points, at full throttle’, he crossed the finish line on his 765cc Triumph in 12 th place.
Going forward into Sunday’s feature race, with the glitches on the quickshifter now resolved,
Brandon approached the afternoon’s race with a positive attitude. Which is just as well given
that the heavens opened an hour before the start, leaving the track drenched with rain water.
Starting from 13 th and depite the wet conditions, Brandon managed to muscle his way
through the pack and climb to the top five, eventually taking 4 th place on the last lap. ‘Overall
race 2 was pretty good for me, I started 13th and ended the race in 4th.’ Brandon says with a
broad grin. ‘The first lap or two you couldn’t see anything because of the spray off
everybody’s tyres.  I was just looking into white because the rain was coming up off the
track. It was scary for the first 2 or 3 laps as I was working my way through everybody.

Once I got out by myself it was so hard to make up time because it’s so fast here, it’s hard
to catch people.  Pretty sure that’s my best result of the year, feels good to be in the top 5.’
The result has no doubt given Paasch a much needed boost of confidence and with his
teammate Kyle Smith taking the win it was an all-round solid performance for the Dynavolt
Triumph team.

Next stop on the calendar is Donnington race circuit. ‘I’m looking forward to it big-time’ says
Brandon, ‘we went testing there, I had a really good feeling, it’s a chance to get my
confidence back!’