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Wednesday, Jul 17, 2013

My buddy J.J. races on CCC‘s spec Miata team, and sent me some words and photos after a crashy yet overall successful weekend at Summit Point Raceway:

This was an ITS race with other classes mixed. Miatas are so damn reliable and durable that it’s unlikely that this would’ve went down in SM (spec miata). Basically, at the 4 board, I look up in the rear view to check on a faster class car coming up on me on the way into turn 1.


I decide (correctly) in that moment that the Bimmer is too far back for me to manage the over taking car in this turn. I put eyes forward and go about my biz. 2.5 board, I lay into the brakes, do my downshifts, and look to the apex turning it in. As I approach apex… BAAMM!! I get nailed in the right front wheel—HARD.

Car spins, ends up in the gravel trap 200 feet away and the bimmer comes to rest another 100 ft past me on the other side of the trap. His trunk catches fire because during his brake failure, his car went into a spin and backed into me at what might have been 80 mph. I see that his front right wheel had completely come apart. Rim in pieces from the brake malfunction. A minute later, I’m out of the car jogging towards the tire wall.


George, the Bimmer driver, shouts his apologies as I jog by. I can do nothing at that point besides shake my helmet donned head. All said and done, it was a race incident in which I was sadly involved. Nothing to change, nothing to regret. As I sat against the tire wall chatting with George, I said, “I’m dying to walk over and take a look at that damage”. I wanted to assess and begin thinking about how to fix and get back out in time for my first race the next day. I was fortunate.


Driving a spec Miata means there are often plentiful resources at the track. Parts, knowledge/experience, and kindred spirits. I had heroic help putting it back together. It was gratifying to see it all come back to one piece. The next day, in blistering heat and 3 hrs of sleep, I wanted to puke in my helmet during my second of two back to back races. I swallowed hard lap after lap and kept it together remembering the time and effort put into getting back out there.


I set my fast lap at that track for the season and achieved some personal goals that I didn’t even know I was going to have at the outset of the weekend. Racing. It’s fun. Ready for Watkins this weekend. Peace … And long live Triple C Racing! —JJ


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