Summer Driving Tips

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hello CCC’ers

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, we wanted to take the opportunity to offer a few tips and reminders to get the most out of your summer driving.

Maximize your Experience

Variety is the spice of life. 90% of our summer requests come in like this, “I’ll take whatever you’ve got as long as it has AC”…. yes, AC is nice when you’re sitting in traffic (see tips below on how to avoid that), but the real way to enjoy the club is to sample the full variety of the cars in the fleet. Modern cars are great, but generally standardized to the point where they all deliver a familiar and uniform driving experience. Don’t dismiss the classics, the most unique experiences you will get from your membership are from the classics… and it’s not that hot after all. While it’s a bit balmy today, they’re calling for temps in the 60s this weekend, perfect weather to enjoy a classic. Dress light and comfortable and if you’re in a convertible, don’t forget a hat!

Traffic is for suckers. While we know the cars are useful to get you where you’re going this summer, the real reason you joined the club is to have fun behind the wheel and sitting in traffic on the LIE is no fun in any car. If you have something fun booked, especially if it’s a classic or exotic car, plan your drive when the roads are clear… Early friday morning, later friday evening or even at the crack of dawn on Saturday are best. Chances are you’ll arrive within an hour of your friends that sat in traffic, but you will be relaxed, with great stories to tell and your car will enjoy the cool air and open roads.

Hone your “Mechanical Sympathy”. We have our fair share of fire-breathing monsters among the fleet. Think for a minute about where that all comes from… combustion engines with all of their sound and fury are taking a chaotic explosion, capturing it with thousands of rapidly moving parts and propelling you and 3,000lbs of metal down the road. Next time you press on the accelerator, remember all of those moving parts and how hard they are all working to shoot adrenaline into your veins. If you keep this thought on your mind while driving, you will develop empathy for the car, be better tuned to what’s happening mechanically and be more likely to catch any minor issues before they develop into a major catastrophe. Keep an eye on the gauges, treat the car with care and it will treat you well in return.

Enjoy the unexpected. We know there were one or two cars that caught your eye when you joined, but don’t dismiss the dozens of other cars in the fleet. Take our guidance and let us curate your driving experience. Every car in the fleet is handpicked for a reason and chances are you will end up loving a car that you thought you would never want to drive.

Reminders on Booking Privileges

Now that we’re in peak season, remember that your booking privileges are defined by your access level. Ready for an upgrade? Contact Joana to top up!

Peak Season, booking’s rules:

Platinum Access: All cars may be booked with the normal 4-week window or further in advance if you use a wildcard.

Gold Access: All cars below band 12 may be booked anytime within the normal 4-week window. Band 12 and above cars may be booked in advance on weekdays only. **

Silver Access: All cars below band 12 may be booked on weekdays within the normal 4-week window. Band 12 and below cars may be requested for weekends on standby only. **

** If you would like a car beyond your access level, you may ask to be put on the cancellation list. Should the car not be booked one day prior to your booking, you are welcome to book it, however, if you need a car, it is recommended to reserve a car within your booking privileges as well. Wildcards may only be used for bookings beyond 4 weeks within your allowed booking privileges.

Get more out of Your Points this Summer

To assure you get the most miles out of your points this summer, we have lowered the bands on several cars in the fleet… and many more additions are on the way!

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