Scirocco R Spotted In NYC; Destined For US Market?

Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013

Scirocco R Spotted In NYC; Destined For US Market?

Despite cries from the entire VW community to please, please, PLEASE bring this slant-roofed Golf variant with a colorful heritage of FWD hooliganism to the US, the powers that be at Volkswagen have steadfastly refused. Until now?

Scirocco R Spotted In NYC; Destined For US Market?

Classic Car Club Manhattan owner (and my boss) Zac Moseley was strolling to work this morning when this blue ‘brake stopped him in his tracks. A guy who’s driven everything from Alex Roy’s Morgan 3 Wheeler to the outrageous 1000+ hp Shelby 1000 Mustang, and he’s excited about this? Yes, and here’s why:

The Scirocco R shares a its 2.0L turbo 4 with the Golf R, but the Scirocco drives only the front wheels. Dropping all-wheel-drive affords the Scirocco a 300lb weight advantage over the Golf, resulting in a .7 second quicker sprint to 60. It’s not just about a slightly quicker 0-60 time though, the Scirocco R has much more to offer.

Scirocco R Spotted In NYC; Destined For US Market?

When the Golf R hits an electronic barrier at 127 mph, the Scirocco R will casually (or not so casually) stroll all the way to a truly impressive 157 mph. Not that über high speeds like that matter in the US…right? But still, there’s a lot to be excited about. The Scirocco R also out-grips the Golf R by almost .1 lateral G, with the help of aggressive summer rubber.

I did a little Google-ing and found another bit of interesting information on OppositeLock; veteran commenter and VW insider Jagvar posted this exact car back in April. So…does this mean some lucky sod from VW corporate has been thrashing a Scirocco R around the states for 6 months?!

Listen up Volkswagen; stop teasing us and start selling it stateside, PLEASE?!

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