How Not To Drive A Caterham

Wednesday, Jun 05, 2013

Here’s a video from last summer, when I was riding shotgun in a Caterham Super7. I know the road well, and I advised the driver to take it really easy since he didn’t know the road as well as I; he didn’t listen.

He got on the throttle too soon and hit a deep rut on the outside of the corner, totally upsetting the car. With a quick enough input he may have been able to save it, but despite all of that he remembered a classic Skip Barber Racing School mantra, “If you spin, both feet in”. You can see the brakes lock the wheel in the slo-mo clip, with some wispy smoke coming off the tire.

After we got the car turned back around and set off again (me sitting silently and somewhat angrily in the passenger seat) the driver looked over at me and said, “So have I completely destroyed your confidence in my driving?”

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